Company Law

  • Companies in India are governed by Companies Act.  Company has to comply with numerous statutory compliance demands and its vital that there is total compliance as per law.

    We  offer you the following services:
    • Formation of Private/ Public Limited company.
    • Drafting of memorandum and article of association of companies.
    • Conversion of a private company into a public company and public ltd. into a private Ltd.
    • Changing the name of company.
    • Change of registered office.
    • Alteration of MOA /AOA
    • Due  Diligence Services
    • Formation of subsidiary company.
    • Opening of Branch/Subsidiary by the Foreign Company.
    • Inter corporate investments
    • Amalgamation, merger and acquisition of companies.
    • Assisting in preparation of minutes, Reso, Notices etc for Board Meeting/Annual & extra Ordinary General Meeting
    • Assisting in preparation of various registers required to be maintained as per Companies Act
    • Filing of various returns/forms with ROC such as Annual Return/Form-5/18/32...etc
    • Creation or modification of Charges
    • LLP Formation