About Us

We strive to develop and earn our client's trust through a practice that is both dedicated to our client's needs and driven by expertise. We realize no two businesses are the same. So whether your business is a start-up or a multi-national, we can help you achieve your goals.

We proactively innovate and evolve our portfolio of services (that include Audit & Assurance, Risk Advisory, Tax Advisory, Corporate Finance Advisory, Global Knowledge) to address critical challenges that are likely to be faced by businesses. At our bedrock of values is the compass by which we orient operations on every platform - from management to dealings with our clients to our brand of service.

Our Core Values

We define ourselves proudly by the following core values:

Honesty & Integrity
One cannot exist without the other. If a relationship must flourish, it must be based on the values we hold sacred. Values such as trust, reliability and transparency.

Taking Personal Responsibility
Respect and a sense of equality drive our internal environment. We inculcate a strong sense of responsibility to our clients, our colleagues and our firm.

Strong and Personal Client Relationships
Our client relationships are more than just business partnerships. We endeavour to understand the person as well their business and to build a longstanding relationship based on mutual respect and trust.

Mutual Support
We treat each other with consideration and respect, and uphold a culture of sharing and consultation.

Commitment to Quality
At N. P. Dharamshi & Co. we are committed to achieve and exceed client expectations through flawless professional services provided by a team of highly motivated and competent personnel.We constantly understand the needs of our client. We believe that the satisfaction of each need involves a tailor made solution of flawless processes, technology and above all, innovation.

We endeavour to understand our clients' business and ultimately assist them to achieve their goals with our professional contribution.

We uphold, at all times, the high standards professional ethics that our clients' deserve of us; we ensure regulatory compliance and commit to comply with and better the effectiveness of Quality Management Systems.

We employ and retain the best talent and inculcate in all our core values of professional ethics and mutual respect; we empower them through our Knowledge Management Initiatives.