Welcome to N. P. Dharamshi & Co.

N. P. Dharamshi & Co. is a well established firm of Chartered Accountants engaged in the field of Accounts, Audits, Taxation, Investment, RBI Matters, Legal & Secretarial Services, Business Processing, Project Financing and other related fields.

Our mission at N. P. Dharamshi & Co is to create our services portfolio to complement our key service deliveries.  Our focus is on our client and thereby we strive to enable you to manage your business more profitably and successfully. We have additional services suite which are competitively and fairly priced with you best interest in mind.  

We not only provide our clients with business solutions under one roof but also regularly and timely upgrade their knowledge. We believe to stay ahead in the changing economy to provide our clients with the most consistent and prompt quality services.

We are dedicated to achieve the best possible solutions in the shortest period of time while handling each client's problem with perspective, integrity and dedication. The essence of our style of working is that we do not stop only with observations and inferences, but give solid recommendations. We ensure 100% Quality in each and every consultation to provide the full satisfaction by merging knowledge, experience and creativity.